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Adoption Application

To Adopt one of our babies we do need to know a little about you. Please copy and paste this application in an email, all you have to do is hit that "Get In Touch" button. Please fill in the blanks and we will most defiantly get with you in 24 to 48 hrs. As we all have busy lives with work and family sometimes we do need a reminder so if you haven't heard from someone PLEASE just drop us a line to make sure we got the application.

Adoption Application


Full Name:


City/State/Zip Code:

* 1st /Primary Contact Number *(Best time to call):

* Alternate Contact Number:

* E-Mail:

What Animal are you interested in (Name/breed)?

If the dog you are interested in has already been adopted or is pending adoption, is there any other dog you may be interested in?

How many people reside at your residence?

Please give names and ages.

    • Veterinarian’s Name and contact number:

  • List Two ( with Name and contact number:

    • *( must provided a 3rd reference if no Vet reference provided)

  1. What type of do you live in (house/apartment/condo/)?

  1. Do own or rent your home?

    • *( Renters: Please provide Landlord name and contact number)

  1. Do you have a yard?

    • What type of fencing do you have?

    • * (If you do not have a fenced in yard- what other ways will you use to secure the animals safety?)

  1. What are you interested in for your pet?

  1. How will you train the animal (potty/leash/behavioral training)?

  1. Other animal concerns:     

    • How much will the pet have?

  • Where will the pet be kept when left alone?

  • Where will the pet sleep?

  • Would there ever be an occasion the pet will be allowed off a leash or out of a secured area?(Please describe when/why ):

  • Who will be the primary caretaker for the pet?

  1. Do you currently own any other pets?

    • *(List species/breed, name/age of each and if neutered/spayed )

  1. Are you financially sound to provide Veterinarian visits for vaccinations, heartworm testing, dental and physicals exams annually?

    • * ( Average Veterinarian visit many be greater than $100 in some states)

  1. Are your current dogs licensed for your township or city?

  1. Are you willing to adopt a pet that is older?

  1. Are you willing to adopt a pet who has been abused and may have behavioral problems such as fear biting/aggression?

  2. Are you willing to adopt a pet who requires continual housetraining?

  1. Are you willing to adopt a pet who is NOT reliable with children?

  1. For what reason would you ever give up this rescue animal?

    • * (Who would you surrender the animal to?)

  1. How did you hear about DASH?

  1. List any other helpful information:

I (Name):______________________ certify the information provided on this application is true. (Date:__________)

How to adopt: Get Involved
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