Maddie is our little fire cracker. This 8 yr old doll baby is wanting a home to call her own. She knows no strangers at all she’s very happy and go lucky and LOVES to meet new people. Her favorite pass time is getting all the attention that you could possibly shower on her. She is the Diva in this group and does get along with other dogs but really prefers for her house mate to be on the large size. She does ok with those her own size but she will scuffle with them from time to time so we would prefer her to be an only dog or at least the smallest of the group. She was a big little dog when she came to us but with a strict diet we can now see a waist on her so it’s going to take a strong will on your part not to give into the looks. She also does best eating by herself or in her crate that she is more then happy to go to at meal time.
If you would like to make Maddie a part of your family just let us know by messaging us or send an email to

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